Monday, September 9, 2013

Review of Pure Earth Paint

A couple of weeks ago I was venting some frustation in my painting group regarding some paint I was using. My venting was just that, venting, never in my wildest dreams did I expect what happened next...I was contacted by several of my group friends who have all started their own paint lines offering to send me samples of their paint to try. I have followed these lines and have wanted to try them but some are so new there are no retailers near me and some I wanted to sit back and let others try know, let someone else waste their money, HA!

Well, I gladly accepted the offers and within a few days the first samples arrived at my door, like Christmas in September!!

First on my list to try...Pure Earth Paint! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the box and not only were the lids on their paint shrink wrapped but they also wrapped them in ziplock bags just in case something happened during the shipping process! Thankfully they arrived fully intact!

I was at their mercy on the sample they were sending and was happy to see they had chosen for me a 16oz jar of Larimar, a beautiful light blue/gray color and they included an 8oz container of their Black Pearl from their Luminescence Opaque colors. I had been looking at the colors online trying to get a good read on them and LOVED that they included a color chart as well. Let me tell you, their colors are GORGEOUS, especially their Luminescence colors. I cannot wait to give their Ruby red a try!!

After thinking about what I had in inventory to paint I chose the white Bombay end table (I have the matching coffee table that I will paint later but for this review I concentrated on the end table).  Since Pure Earth Paints are mineral paints they require little to no preparation on the item you are painting just like some of the other chalk and mineral based paints on the market. Most of the time I give my pieces a light sanding but this time I chose to just go with it since the table was in great condition already.

Being that the paint is Zero VOC and Non Toxic it is safe to use indoors around kids, pets, etc...and that is exactly what I did. While watching college football on Sat afternoon I laid out my tarp and started painting with my family and dog all in the my living  room.  My husband even stated at one point that he could not smell any paint fumes. LOVE that !!

The paint is really thick which I like and the jar states you can thin it out with some water if you prefer. I chose not to thin it out. It went on so smooth and evenly and when it dried you could not see any brush strokes...WOO HOO!!  I did end up going with 2 coats on the table only because of the end look I wanted but I could have just gone with 1 in order to just give it a shabbier look with the white table peaking through the blue. It dried quickly too which I loved and then when I went to paint the 2nd coat it went on perfectly over the 1st coat. (I have tried some paints that the second coat will occasionally pick up the first and move it around which can be really frustrating at times). I left it to dry the rest of the day since we had things to do and that gave me time to think about what I wanted to do to finish it off.

Sunday I decided to take the Black Pearl Luminescene Opaque and thin it out with water and just do a wash of it over the blue. I LOVE the way it turned out! I ended up doing the top and then got busy and not finishing it up til later in the day. The cool thing about this is that the little bit of watered down paint I still had left in the bowl dried up before I could get back to finish. I hit it with a bit of water and BOOM, right back to the consistency I needed to wash the rest of the table.

Overall I love this paint! Eventhough it is really thick in the container you can thin it out and even use it in a sprayer if you choose. Of my 16 oz sample I only used, maybe 2oz, mind you that was without thining and of the 8oz Luminescence I used maybe a tablespoon so a little of Pure Earth Paint will go a long way!

I highly recommend giving them a try! Once I get a shop opened they are definately on my list of potential paint lines to retail!

You can contact them through their website to get the name of a retailer near you or you can order directly through them. Be sure to head over to their Facebook page and give them a "like" and tell them I sent you. They are working on a new product that they posted a sample of last night that I cannot wait to try when it is ready for retail, it is a Glass Bead Gel and it looks so cool, go check it out! Their Fb page is

Pictured below is the end table BEFORE and the end table AFTER...It is AVAILABLE for sale and I can do the coffee table to match.

A BIG "Thank You!" goes out to the girls at Pure Earth Paint for their generosity in sharing their paint with me

**I was not paid for this review, it strictly my own opinion

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