Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Better Than Chalk/Mineral Paint?

Today I am talking about Farmhouse Paint Frenche Furniture Paint. My fellow furniture painter over at Chipped and Charming contacted me letting me know she had signed on as a retailer for this new paint line and asked if I wanted to give it a try. Not one to turn down free paint I said "Absolutely!"

This paint is new on the market and they do not have all their website, FB pages, etc...up and running yet. The jar claims it is "better than chalk paint" so I could not wait to see if it lived up to its claim. I had big plans for this sample for a French leg coffee table I have been holding onto. Sadly, when my sample arrived the jar had cracked and leaked out into the box so I was only left with about half of what was originally in the jar. After looking through my stash I decided there was probably enough to use on a chair that has taken up residence in our office. This chair started out with a dinette set we purchased almost 16yrs ago when we got married. The table and other 3 chairs are long gone but this chair just won't die. Since it seems to be standing the test of time I decided it needed a facelift.

I chose the color "Palace Gray" which is a really light gray but once I applied it to my chair and it dried you can see a undertone of lavender, very subtle though. The paint went on very smooth and dried really nice. My only problem with the paint was the smell. It is NOT a chalk paint and based off the smell it is not low or no VOC. I had to take the paint outside to use it in order to have enough ventilation. I love chalk paint for the simple fact that if it is too hot outside or raining and I need to paint something I can set it up in my living room and paint away. This is not a paint you can do that with.  There is not much I can tell you about this paint other than they say they are water based. Once they get all their marketing together I am sure there will be more information available regarding the paint itself.

Over all it was a nice paint and looks really good on the chair I painted. It went on smoothly and dried quickly with little to no brush strokes. The paint is thick but not too thick and I am sure it would thin out well if you wanted to use it in a sprayer. Is it better than chalk paint? I don't know if I would say better but it is another option out there. My only real drawback was the smell and not being able to use it indoors like I can with my chalk paints.

There are a couple of lines out there going by the name Farmhouse Paint so I am including a picture of the jar so you can get an idea of the logo if you want to buy it and give it a try. I know one of the Farmhouse Paints comes in mason jars (cute!) but this is not the one. If you have any questions about Farmhouse Paint or if interested in purchasing Farmhouse Paint you can contact Amy at Chipped and Charming. Her FB page is https://www.facebook.com/ChippedAndCharming

Here are the before and after of the chair as well as the paint logo so you know what to look for when purchasing Farmhouse Paint Frenche Furniture paint.

Don't you just love that fabric! Amazing what a little paint and new fabric can do to an old chair!
*these views are solely my own, I was not compensated for my review

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