Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just arrived

Just arrived are some metal/steel barrel lids. I have 1 large and 4 medium sized lids. These would make great  table tops or even painted they would make good art for your wall. Can't wait to get started on working on these...if you are interested in one let me know what I can do for you!

Winner's choice

Here is the chalkboard the winner of my Facebook giveaway was done in antique white with turquoise then distressed a bit. In the process she also ordered a monogram pumpkin and wanted a pink and green motif.

Martha, Martha, Martha

I cannot believe I forgot to post this picture!! Remember my awesome little Martha Washington table? She has been painted turquoise and I have been searching for the perfect knobs to add to her (so far just can't seem to find anything worthy of her) She has lots of storage, 3 drawers and then both sides open for storage as well.

Here is the BEFORE and the AFTER (minus knobs)...she is for sale and since I have not sealed her yet her color can be changed easily. I also still have the original knobs if you want those painted and put back on. Contact me today!

Opinionated 4 y/o

Earlier this year I painted a cute drum table for a client in NC. I was able to get it to my mom who then delivered it for me. In the process my then 3 y/o niece saw it and called me and said "Aunt KayKay I want you do a pink table for me" could I say no?

I found the perfect drum table for her in Boone back at the beginning of the summer and before I knew it my sister sweeped in and claimed it for her redone living room...needless to say Addy-O was not happy. Then in July I was in Tennessee with my mom and came across a neat table that we knew would be perfect.

After much discussion with Addy we picked out paint and got to work...the bottom of the table is done in a hot pink and the edges are glittered (kind of hard to see in the picture) and then the top is finished off with chalkboard paint. She loved it and has been writing/drawing on it ever since she got it home this weekend!

Here are the before and after's...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Antique telephone table/chair...SOLD

Check out this cutie! It is an antique telephone table with attached chair. I know what I would do to it in terms of paint and fabric but before I dig right in I want to offer it up as a custom piece and let the buyer choose color and fabric.

It is a bit on the small side and I think it woule be PERFECT for a kids room.

If interested in it let me know ASAP because I doubt it will last very long! This is now SOLD be looking for the AFTER pics soon!

Consignment pieces

I have acquired a couple of consignment pieces this past week. These are available for CUSTOM ONLY.

The first piece is a large solid wood, glass topped coffee/tv table with a drawer. It is very shabby chic/cottage in design and would compliment any living space.

The second piece is a round pedestal dining./breakfast table with a leaf. There are chairs available as well if you are looking for a dining/breakfast set. If not you can purchase just the table. This is a great piece, solid wood and handmade.

So go ahead and choose your paint color and  contact me for pricing on these items!