Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1937 Reveal

Remember the post on Grandma's furniture? Well, we are done with the vanity/desk, highboy, mirror and vanity chair. They turned out BEAUTIFUL and the owner LOVED them! Here is the message left on my FB page by the owner..."I'm still taken back by how beautiful the pieces of my grandmothers furniture from 1937 look in our home. Thank you for restoring and bringing new life to them. What a great story that these treasures will be as they are passed down through the generations!"

I was honored to be able to show her the possibilities of these special pieces and bring those possibilities to life and  cannot wait to get started on the headboard/footboard bench after Christmas vacation. Enjoy the photos (I forgot to get one of the mirror, I will get the owner to send me an AFTER one  and you will need to use your imagination on the BEFORE of it)

We have not yet been able to determine the maker of the furniture but behind the mirror of the vanity was stamped "Logan Porter Mirror Co, High Point, NC  May 7,1937"  (how cool I got to work on this since my birthday is May 7th) We know that her grandparents were married in 1937 and they got this bedroom set as their wedding gift. just wish we could figure out who the furniture company is that made it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


The Tattered Orange Blossom will be coming to Greenville,SC in 2013! My husband recently took a new position that will be moving us out of the Metro Atlanta area and into Upstate SC. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to the new adventure.

He will be commuting for awhile which means I will still be available for custom painting in the Atlanta area for the time being and if you know anyone in the Upstate I can go ahead and start taking some pieces from there to custom paint as he will be able to help transport small to mid-size pieces back and forth for me on occasion.

Spread the word to all your Upstate friends and family and let them know I am coming that way soon!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grandma's Special

Look at these gorgeous pieces!!  I had a friend bring these back from her Thanksgiving travels. They belonged to her grandmother and her mom had had them in storage for awhile. When I went to check them out we got to talking and I am going to be refinishing them for her new home. I am going to tackle the vanity, vanity chair and mirror first.

There is also a GORGEOUS headboard and footboard with their original wooden rails and high boy chest that match the vanity. The plan for the headboard and footboard are to turn them into a awesome bench for their home and then I will refinish the highboy as well. I will post before pics once I get them.

I am so happy to be a part of refinishing them and letting grandma's furniture take a special place in my friends new home. Be on the lookout for after pictures as we get pieces done.