Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daddy Van's

So today we are talking about oranges...not the actual fruit but the scent. Orange oil mixed with Beeswax and Lavender to be specific.

I was offered a sample of Daddy Van's All Natural Furniture Polish and all I have done since it arrived is open the lid several times a day and take a big whiff! It smells so good! I hated to have to use it for fear I would run out and not be able to get my "fix".

If you have not heard of Daddy Van's I can tell you it is an All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish that is chemical free and safe to use in your home with your family. You can use it to nourish and protect kitchen cabinets, wood accents, even butcher block. They even package it in recycled tin cans. There are no solvents or artificial fragrances or petroleum byproducts in Daddy Van's.

Anyways, this morning I sucked it up, after a BIG WHIFF, and tried out this little container on my kitchen table. We've had this table for several years and it has lost its luster with the beatings we (ok, I) have put it through. Not only do we eat at this table but I cover it quite a bit and use it for painting projects and other craft projects not mention all the stuff the kids have stuck to it over the past few yrs. It has been a mail catch all at times, display table for a yard sale where people only wanted to buy it and not the stuff on it and it has moved with us through 3 moves. It still looks good but just needed a little pick me up.

With the Daddy Van's a little polish goes a long way. It is best to use it with a cotton cloth, I used an old t-shirt and started rubbing it into the table. After the table was covered I let it sit for a few minutes and then took the same old t-shirt and buffed it. My surface was flat but you can also use it with a brush if your item has nooks and crevices that you want to get the polish down into.

I loved this stuff and the best part is you can even use it on painted furniture, on old hardware, the possibilities are endless! An added bonus, if your fingers are anything like mine from sanding and painting furniture, the Daddy Van's makes your dry fingers look good too. (Wonder if I can try it on my heels?) Hear that Daddy Van's, you might want to consider going into the All Natural beauty products business too? Just saying!

If you would like to purchase some Daddy Van's please visit Angela Davis over at A to Z Custom Creations. Her FB page is It comes in the Lavender with Sweet Orange scent, Lavender and Unscented. Of course I am partial to the orange.

Pictures below are BEFORE, DURING and AFTER using the Daddy Van's.

As you can see, kind of dull

Top of pic is unpolished, bottom of pic is during application process

After, gives it a nice sheen

*I was not paid for my opinion, it is solely my own!

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  1. Thank you for the review Karen! I am so glad you like Daddy Van's! Your table looks fabulous!