Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 For 1

I am currently in the midst of re-doing the credenza and in the process I have been able to use 2 more of the samples I have received so I thought I would tell you all about them!

This credenza is going to be so beautiful when it is finished, I just cannot contain my excitement! I wish it was done now but it is still quite a ways off from that point so I will just have to give you some sneak peeks  here.

I started off painting the top of this piece with my sample of American Paint Co. Wild Horses. Yes, BROWN! I have never painted a piece brown before and I agonized over this choice for several days before pulling the trigger. (I also have a  sample of their black called Lincoln's Hat which was my original choice for the top) I must say, American Paint which a chalk/mineral based paint with Zero VOC's and NO ODOR (woo hoo), goes on beautifully and dries quickly but as it dried I was kicking myself for not using the black. Then I looked into my big box of goodies from Pure Earth Paint that I won and grabbed the translucent Antique Gold and put it on top of that brown and it got the most beautiful finish, a deep brown but when the light hits it a bronzey finish that is BEAUTIFUL! Then I noticed that as it dried it gave the top a almost faux wood grain look, I wasn't going for that but once I saw it I was in LOVE!

Showing the application of the antique gold onto the brown.

See that finish, I could probably never get that look again if I tried! I ended up going with the brown because the bottom of the credenza is being painted in Pure Earth's Champagne Ice. While it is an antiquey white it does have a lot of yellow tone to it so I knew the black would kind of look odd against that, at least to me. The brown would compliment it much better and I was so right!!

Here is sneak peek of the bottom, I am not ready to share the entire piece yet because there is still so much more to do it but you can get an idea of where I am going with it.

I left the top alone for a couple of days then decided to go ahead and add some protection to it and pulled out my sample of Shabby Paints VAX. Let me tell you this stuff ROCKS!!   What is VAX you ask? Well, it is a  "protective finish that combines the style of wax with the durability of a varnish". You can apply with a brush, a clean rag or a sponge. You are not even limited to painted surfaces for applications. Slap some on wood, tile, laminate, metal tin, ceramics, I can go on and on. Plus it cleans up with soap and water! I have always polyed my pieces instead of waxing just because I prefer the lasting durability and the feel of the poly compared to waxing but I will no longer poly unless a client requests it. This stuff is awesome, it really brought out more depth to the finish and it protects it. I have only applied 1 coat of the VAX but I will be applying at least 1 more before the piece is completely done.
I almost forgot! VAX also comes tinted and that is called REVAX...cannot wait to get some of that!!


So now you are wondering where do I get these products. Well, American Paint in a variety of colors can be purchased through my friend Jill at Weathered Pieces. Her FB page is  and you can get Shabby Paints from Shannon at and you can get Pure Earth Paints, which have been talked about in previous blogs at
If you do purchase any of these products be sure to send me pictures of what you did with them. I love to see creativity in action!
*I was not paid for my views on any of these products

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