Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a busy week at my house! My husband is finishing up building the set for the spring children's musical for our church so he has pretty much taken over my workspace thus putting larger pieces on hold until this weekend.

While he has been occupying my space I have taken over the sun porch and cranked out a few smaller projects. I had a couple of vintage wrought iron plant holders I added some of my favorite turquoise paint to, I worked on a chalkboard made from an old cabinet door and I finished the bench from my previous post.

The bench is NOT FOR SALE at this time but I can make more chalkboards in a variety of colors, right now I have turquoise, red, lime green, yellow and hot pink. The plant holders are for sale too, either alone or as a set (actually a set of 3 but have not finished the 3rd one yet, the one pictured is the 2 tiered plant holder the other 2 are 1 tier). Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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